Creative process based on original "foot scripts", a perfect blend of elements of drama and music.

Mniq drowma hakaw ni rmgrig(That Dance Under The Bridge)

(Mniq drowma hakaw ni rmgrig)Pusu kari nii o kika tnpusu seejiq pnaah alang musa alang paru ni pkeudus, mniq kska priyux klwaan ni kmxalan, tnpusu alang hini dnuuy ni ini tduwa dmuuy kndsan, saw kiya do o wada mlatat ka kana tnpusu seejiq musa alang paru ni pkeudus. Niqan qmeepah qpahun gnbiyax aji uri o qpahan, kmxalan sayang o mniq kska alang paru ni ssiyaw musa miying nniqan. Tnpusu seejiq o aji wana mksa alang paru aji uri o mksa tnpusu alang ni alang paru.

"That Dance Under The Bridge" tells the story of indigenous people who moved out of their community homes and to urban areas. Against the backdrop of societal and political changes, it is now increasingly hard for communities to be financially self-sufficient. Hence, many of their members move to cities in batches in order to make a living. Some of them work on construction sites, and some in factories; they live on the periphery of metropolises, seeking a place for themselves. Indigenous people not only wander from city to city, but also travel back and forth between their homeland and the cities.

TAI Body Theatre

Established in 2012, Tai Body Theatre is one of the most promising dance companies in Taiwan. In the hope of promoting different aspects and modern issues of Taiwan indigenous people, TAI has been so innovative and productive that it has developed new forms and aesthetics, combining and transmitting traditional percussion into “foot scripts”. Accordingly, TAI is recognized internationally and had been invited to overseas tours in UK (Edinburgh Fringe, 2015 Aug), International Art Festival in Yogyakarta (2014 Dec), China Wuzhen Festival (2016 Oct), and Pulima Art Festival in Taiwan (2014 Nov).

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  • Project Rep Name:Watan Tusi
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