Sounds from the Sea.

laloken ko orip(Diligent Life)

"Diligent life" is an attitude, which the artists hope that indigenous people can embrace when responding to the circumstances faced by their peoples, such as the erosion of culture, loss of their mother tongues, and the dispersion of members of their communities. "Diligent life" references a transcendence of the physical world, which is itself a form of sublimation. How can a group of people with simple wants break free of a world forged by capitalism, consumerism, and nationalism seek out ways to resist reality and experience freedom in the face of real-world issues? The search is on, for a way back to nature, back to the self, and back to the essence of humanity.


When there is language, there is culture. In addition to showcasing contemporary indigenous musical creations, Anu's insistence on writing mainly in the Ami language has also made music a medium for the dissemination of language and culture, as well as a way to continue the life of the language and preserve cultural elements.

In 2013, Anu released his solo album Cepo’ and won the Best Aboriginal Singer Award in 2014 in the 25th Golden Melody Awards. The album was also nominated for Best Aboriginal Album in the 25th Golden Melody Awards and the Best Folk Music Album Award in the 5th Golden Indie Music Awards. In 2016, he produced the soundtrack for the feature film Pakeriran and was nominated for Best Sound Effects in the 52nd Golden Bell Awards in 2017. Anu released the soundtrack album for Tooren haw~wawa (Follow, Children) in September 2019, and his new solo album Laloken ko orip (Diligent Life) in December of the same year. He was nominated for Best Aboriginal Album, Best Aboriginal Singer, and Album of the Year in the 31st Golden Melody Awards in 2020.

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